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MAP Mechanical have over 50+ years of experience offering plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning services covering the whole of the UK.

50+ Years
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Core Services


With our fixed fee over the phone quotes for installation costs and options to suit all budgets. Offering warrantees from 5 years to 13 years on boilers. Our team are able to identify with a few simple questions what boiler is required and supply and fit a new boiler with a quick turnaround causing minimum disruption. Our fully trained engineers employed by us ensure the fit of the boiler is carried out to the high standards we expect. Heating systems can also be quoted over the phone in the majority of instances. However we often suggest one of our friendly estimators call round to ensure the system suits our customers needs and to ensure the smoothest of installs.


With such long warrantees on offer all warrantees state annual servicing and maintenance is a must and our annual servicing ensures the longevity and efficiency of your appliances so whether it’s a Fire ,oil boiler, gas boiler, unvented cylinder or air con unit we service and maintain all our installations and our engineers are fully trained with accredited bodies to ensure your in the right hands and a service is carried out to manufactures instructions and not simply a visual check or hoover out.

Gas Safety Checks
Gas Safety Checks

Gas safety checks are required by law for all landlord and business owners to ensure the safety of their system and their insurance policies these are to be carried out on an annual basis and or change of tenancy. Gas checks ensure the safe working of the system including testing all flues and alarms. Services are often carried out at the same time which offers a cost-saving to our customers.

Hot & Cold Water

We offer all types of hot and cold water systems to suit the needs of our clients, Whether it be fully soldered or crimped or new build houses in plastic. We can fit glued high pressure mains for use in factories or other such environments. Also water supplied for specialist chemical areas. Systems in stainless steel can be fitted for food hygienic areas. High pressure high flow systems can be designed to ensure maximum capacity is met. Upon Fitting full chlorination certificates can be issued along with all pressure test certificates to ensure piece of mind for our clients. We also offer legionnaires reports to ensure the system meets the standards required removing any dead legs we can fit and auto flushing to sinks which flush the taps to ensure water is not left in the pipework to long creating a legionnaire issue. We can create a maintenance plan for the on site maintenance teams to ensure everything is checked correctly.

Air Conditioning

With many properties and small offices opting for a small air conditioning unit over traditional heating. This allows quick heat up and cooling of properties. Offering a space saving and cost effective way of heating individual spaces. Our team can quickly survey a property to find out what best suits the customers needs.

Underfloor Heating

With underfloor being one of the most efficient systems out there it is often the first choice for architects and customers alike to heat a space. It allows a good spread of heat and a comfortable room also freeing up wall space. Whether it is a small space or a large room with high ceilings. The low temperatures allow less fuel usage and with fuel prices constantly on the rise. This is well worth the investment. So if its retro fitting over the existing floor or below joists. Or to be carried out as part of the build for the property. We have fit just about every type of system and would be happy to find the system that suits your property.

Boosted Water Systems

With more and more student accommodation and high rise buildings the needs for boosted water has increased. We can design and size storage tanks and booster sets to ensure the correct amount pressure and allowance has been for various use. So if it’s a school or university or a block of apartments. We can see you through from the design process.


Ventilation is very much part and parcel of what we do here at MAP mechanical and as much a part of safety as gas. We install ventilation for many different areas from new build extract fans and offices. To interlocked canopys for kitchens and furnaces. We can size and test ventilation systems to ensure the safety of any workers within buildings including co2 sensors to operate extract fans.

Gas Fires

We fully install ,service and maintain a huge range of gas fires including stove type and back boilers. If its gas we have you covered.

Compressed Air

We can supply fit and maintain many compressed air circuits. Offering systems in screwed, Welded and plastic to meet the clients needs, Whether it is a paint shop requiring separate compressors, filters and dryers or adapting a old steel line we can ensure it meets the needs required to carry out the work and each appliance attached.


With heat recovery being on spec more and more for new builds this is a great choice for well insulated new build properties or when extensions or other building works carried out. Usually within ceiling voids however this can retro fit and boxed in. Allowing the heat from bathrooms and kitchens and other warm areas to heat the property. It can also be used to cool a property. Creating an ambient temperature constantly. It brings fresh air from outside and heats it as it comes in using the extract air. Heat recovery ventilation is the solution to meet the needs of energy efficient buildings.

BMS Controls

With the majority of our installs we also provide and adapt BMS systems which allow the end user a simple to use yet extremely smart and efficient control system. Which can link to a laptop or desktop allowing the system to be controlled remotely and able to notify us remotely of any issues. Our systems unlike many such as TREND is open protocol and allows the end user easy access to control there own system without having to contact a supplier. (We can also alter systems such as trend if required) Our easy to use interface ensures a smart looking and familiar control. We give full end user training and after care to ensure the best transition to a new system and so our clients get the best from it. The BMS system can have multiple inputs allowing fire alarms flooding sensors and major leak detectors to be connected as well as many standard controls and links to gas interlock systems in various areas of the buildings.

Commercial Catering

As one of our specialist areas we fully test and install commercial kitchens and catering equipment. Installation of interlock panels and extraction hoods including tempered heating and ventilation we can offer a full design and install. Then maintain the system for years to come. Including annual safety certificates and upgrades as required. We have worked in schools, hospitals, farm shops and take aways alike. We also offer outside catering including trailers.

Food Processes

Working throughout the uk we have worked in food processing from the farm to the abattoir all the way to the kitchens and supermarkets. Gas burners and hygienic foot washes knee operated sinks and other standard equipment.

Radiant Panels

Used as a overhead direct form of heating these are usually installed above the point directly to be heated. Although if high ceiling height is a option the spread of heat can be further. Ideal for factory’s where staff are often working on a machine in the same position. We fully install and maintain these.

Motorhomes & Trailers

We install and certify all gas appliances for trailers and motorhomes including fitting of air con units for motorhomes and caravans.


Whether it is a annual gas safety certificate or the install of new gas pipelines our coded welders can ensure the quality of the system. Having installed process pipelines including lpg, Natural gas and endothermic lines high and low pressure. Gas generators or furnaces run off main gas boosters.

Process Welding

Whether it is a annual gas safety certificate or the install of new gas pipelines our coded welders can ensure the quality of the system. Having installed process pipelines including lpg, Natural gas and endothermic lines high and low pressure. Gas generators or furnaces run off main gas boosters.

Steam Pipework

With our coded welders we can install steam lines and boilers including plant rooms to run a wide variation of appliances. When safety is a must we can ensure a fully fit system to stand the test of time.

Warm Air Blowers

Used as a quick way of heating a large space often in areas with roller shutters and more air change. We install service and maintain all types of warm air heaters whether standard wall mounted in a factory or show room or larger floor standing such as warehouses/aircraft hangers or bigger spaces.

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