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Budget: £1m mechanical package
Duration: 12 months
– Rewire the school
– Supply and fit new mechanical ventilation and air conditioning to classrooms, changing rooms, and sports halls
– Supply and fit of new plumbing and sanitary ware to refurbished changing rooms and toilet areas, including supplying and fitting a new water tank in a purpose-built roof-mounted plant room
As with many of our big jobs spanning over a number of months, this 12-month project has not only had its ups and downs but also unprecedented changing situations to manage.
Priced well over a year ago, dealing with worldwide manufacturing issues and price increases our aim as always and true to our goals and ethos was to ensure the project not only came in on time but also on budget.
Due to the live working site and disruptions in manufacturing our team found themselves often working out of hours to ensure minimal disruption to the working school. Keeping health and safety at the forefront of our team’s mind at all times is always a must when working on long projects.
Working on behalf of J.P.Wild LTD, we had to work hard to ensure the project goal was complete and we are pleased to say this was the case. As always our team worked tirelessly to adapt whether it was creating a specialist crane lift incorporating a custom-made frame to lower our air handling units on or working around sensitive areas containing asbestos and live working parts of the school.
Getting to the completion date was not only a credit to our engineering teams but also the project managers from MAP Mechanical & J.P.Wild and our office team arranging the logistics.
Whilst this has been a challenging project in an even more challenging environment we are extremely proud of our team and the relationship they have built stronger with a client we enjoy working for.